Norman Vincent Peale – The Power Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is key to living life happily and enjoying yourself. While it’s not always easy to think positively, happiness is definitely a choice. Everyone has catastrophic life events and stressful situations arise, but you have two choices: You either choose to let these events control your life, or you choose to live your life. One of the pioneers of the power of positive thinking is the Christian man Norman Vincent Peale, and he actually wrote a book with same name, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

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With Peale’s popularity, millions of people have had the privilege of reading his book, where he not only explains why positive thinking is so important and powerful but also how you can go about achieving this. He knew and everyone else knows that while positive thinking is a choice, it’s not as easy as just telling someone to practice it continuously throughout the day. Instead, you need certain techniques and strategies in order to help yourself do this.

Faith and optimism are key. When you do have faith in God, yourself and others, then you are being positive about your own life in an optimistic manner, and you are also helping other people. Helping others really does help you stay positive. It takes your mind off of your problems and helps you focus on helping others with theirs. This can also really help bring out the positive aspects of your life.

With the power of positive thinking philosophy, the importance is placed on getting the most out of your life. Redirecting defeated attitudes is key, and Peale is definitely one of the most innovative positive thinkers of all time. In fact, he has inspired millions with his formula for learning how to control your thoughts with a positive perspective.

Peale teamed up with a psychiatrist and opened a clinic, where they handled deeply rooted mental issues that people brought to them. He is noted for being friends with Nixon and his family, and when the President was going through the whole Watergate scandal, Peale was proactive in consistently reminding the President in distress that Christ was there for him.

While thinking positively is going to be a struggle sometimes, no one ever said life is going to be stress free. The thing is, however, that you can control your stress and the way you feel about things to a degree. Without doing this, what you’re actually working on is making things worse. And everyone knows that while life events can be worrisome, people often worry much more than is called for. In fact, they exponentially overdo the worrying, and this can cause all sorts of problems.

The best thing to do is to plan, stay calm, exercise patience, think positively, and realize that failure often leads to success. It’s all in your approach, and Norman Vincent Peale, a man of faith in God, really wanted to show people how they could make a huge difference in their lives and others with the power of positive thinking.