Anxiety Treatments Your Doctor May Prescribe

Anxiety is a disorder that is very treatable. Many people who suffer from anxiety find that once they are undergoing treatment, the anxiety is under control and they feel much better. Treatment time can vary from as little as just one or two treatments to treatments that are ongoing. Here are some treatments your doctor may wish to consider for treating your anxiety.


If the anxiety has been caused through substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol then the doctor may put the patient into a counseling situation to help get the substance abuse under control. Once the substance abuse is under control the anxiety (if there is any left) can then be dealt with. Often anxiety is caused by something underlying such as drug or alcohol abuse.


If your anxiety isn’t caused by drugs or alcohol your doctor may still recommend counseling in either one on one sessions or group therapy sessions. Often just discussing the anxiety issues in group will help you to learn to cope better with the anxiety and be enough to keep you off of medication.


Doctors have a wide variety of medications available to treat anxiety with. The medication your doctor selects will depend upon the severity and specific symptoms of your anxiety. Since everyone is different and everyone’s anxiety is different the medication the doctor puts you on may not be the same one that he put your siblings on. You may be required to take medication a few times per day or once per day. You may only need medication for a short time or it may be for the rest of your life. Your doctor will work closely with you to determine what the best course of treatment is for your specific case.

Clinical Trials

Some doctors will ask you to consider a clinical trial. In this trial you will be assigned a specific protocol and then come back for interviews or group sessions where you may fill out some questionnaires. You may or may not take a medication in this clinical trial. You’ll be asked to fully participate in the trial in order to help the medical field gain a fuller understanding of the disorder and how the specific protocol works on patients.

Your doctor will assist you in selecting the clinical trial that will work best for your specific situation.

New treatments are being discovered almost daily for the care of anxiety. Patients will be required to see their doctor either every six months or every year. At this visit the doctor will evaluate how you’re doing and whether or not you will benefit from further treatment or a change in medication or treatment.

It’s important to be honest with your doctor regarding your symptoms and not hide them. It’s important to take your medications exactly as the doctor prescribes them in order to remain healthy and well.

If you’re in a therapy session it’s important to attend them until your doctor tells you otherwise.

Anxiety is treatable, you don’t have to suffer.