Best Vitamins For Anxiety

Most people will suffer from anxiety at some point in their life. In fact, according to recent research, as many as 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Anxiety usually stems from a naturally response to a situation that appears to be threatening. Most people take prescribed medication for their anxiety problems. They do so with plenty of unwanted side effects. What a lot of people do not realize is that there are natural ways to combat anxiety. Below we will discuss some of the best vitamins for anxiety.Supplements

Best Vitamins For Anxiety:

1. B-Vitamins.

B-Vitamins is definitely going to be the best possible vitamin to take for anxiety. The reason why b-vitamins are the absolute best is because they are important for the nervous system. B-vitamins have the ability to boost mood and memory. Because they play such an important role in the nervous system, they are essential for creating a balanced mood. Not to mention, Vitamin B-3 is responsible for producing the body’s serotonin. Therefore, if you suffer from vitamin b deficiency, you may be more likely to suffer from sleep problems and/or anxiety.

2. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is another essential vitamin that can impact your anxiety levels. The reason why vitamin c is so important is because it helps to control your adrenal glands. These are the glands that regulate the stress levels in your body. The more vitamin c you put in your body, the better your stress regulation is going to be. Not to mention, vitamin c is also responsible for helping your brain chemistry. Vitamin c can have a tranquilizing effect on your brain and stress levels. Therefore, it can minimize your anxiety when taking orally. This is an excellent vitamin to include in an anti anxiety regimen.

3. Calcium & Magnesium.

Calcium and magnesium are both excellent vitamins to look at for stress relief and anti anxiety efforts. The reason why calcium and magnesium work so well at combating anxiety is because calcium is practically a natural tranquilizer. Whereas, magnesium compounds the efforts of the calcium by also providing relief for anxiety. These two vitamins are listed together because they work in conjunction. Magnesium is not as effective when taken without calcium – vice versa. The reason why they should not be taken separately is because they both require each other to be properly absorbed.

4. Zinc.

Zinc is also a great vitamin that you can take to help reduce anxiety. Zinc can be a tremendous help at calming the nerves. A lot of people’s diets (especially today) are zinc deficient. Therefore, this might be a great vitamin to take in order to increase the amount of zinc received in your daily diet. Please note, if you are planning on adding zinc, it would be wise to purchase a supplement that includes copper, as well. This is because Zinc reduces the amount of copper in your body.

Because most of these vitamins are water soluble, you would not have to worry about overdosing. Both of these vitamins are safe to be taken in large doses and have shown no adverse or ill side effects. They are both naturally occurring vitamins and your body would benefit from getting more of them. If you are looking for natural ways to relieve anxiety and reduce the amount of stress in your life, it would be wise to look at the above vitamins. You will likely notice immediate stress relief and feel better as a result. Before starting any type of supplement regimen, it would be wise to discuss it with your health care professional. You need to ensure that the vitamins and supplements will not adversely affect your regular health care regimen.