So What Helps Anxiety Attacks?

Although anxiety and stress are often linked by many people. They are actually two very different things. In simple terms, stress is often built up by being constantly under pressure, such as deadlines at work, and everything in life seeming to go wrong. Anxiety, on the other hand, is generally worrying about things that have not happened, and in many cases will not happen. It is human nature to plan ahead, and to worry about things, but people that have anxiety take it up a level, and concentrate on only the bad things that may happen.

get outdoorsThe problem with anxiety is that worrying about one thing can lead to worrying about something else, and so it can get into an endless cycle that is difficult to get out of. One common thing people get anxious about at certain parts of their life is death. This is normal for everyone, and we all consider the end of our life, but people who have anxiety can spend months on end thinking about it, and for some, it can lead to them never going out of the house. Other things that are common in anxious people are health and family worries.

So what helps anxiety? The most obvious thing is to stop worrying about things, but this is much easier said than done. For some people the anxiety can build up so much that they end up having an anxiety attack. This is when the body seems to take control of itself, the chest becomes tight, breathing can seem difficult, and it can result in hyperventilating. For a few, this can result in a trip to the hospital. A solution to hyperventilating is to breath in and out with a paper or plastic bag over your airways. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the body, and relaxes the body.

There is no medical cure for anxiety problems, although medication can be prescribed to help a person relax. The only real solution is to take on the mental problems head on, and one of the best ways is writing them down, and going through them. For the majority of people, anxiety problems will eventually go away, and they will lead a normal life. There is a small number that will need counseling to help them through the problem. Physically though, anxiety problems do not cause any long term issues.