How Guided Imagery Relaxation Techniques Work and Why

Guided imagery relaxation techniques are an effective form of meditation that can help you to clear your mind, relax, and focus on the things that are most important to you. It is easy to learn how to use guided imagery to relax, and you can get a good meditation session in as little as 15 minutes.
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The easiest way to think of guided imagery meditation is as if it was daydreaming. In fact, in many ways it is like a vivid, conscious daydream. Once you master this meditation technique you can try it during your lunch break or once you get home from work, and you’ll find it works incredibly well for staying fresh and clear minded.

To use guided imagery relaxation techniques, sit down in a comfortable chair, or lie down on your bed. Use deep, diaphragmic breathing, and close your eyes. Focus on breathing slowly and imagine you are breathing in peace, and expelling all of your stressful thoughts with each outward breath.

Once you are feeling relaxed, try to imagine yourself in a peaceful place. Think of whatever makes you happy. That could be a river, a woodland, or a beach. Pick a place that has meaning to you, and think happy thoughts. Focus on how the place makes you feel. Imagine the scents, sights and sounds, and soak up every happy, relaxing moment. Imagine yourself actually being there, and focus on how good that feels. Treat this meditation session as a little holiday, and spend as long there as you want. When you are ready to let the meditation session end, start counting backwards from twenty to one, and tell yourself that you will feel happy and alert once you come around.

Some people find that ambient sounds help them to focus on their relaxation better, so they would play a CD of seaside sounds if they wanted to imagine a trip to the beach, or a woodland track for a meditation session in a forest. Others find the sound distracting. Choose what works best for you. If necessary, set an alarm so that you don’t doze off or end up getting lost in your meditative world. Once you have gotten used to the relaxation part of guided meditation, try visualization techniques that may help you to become more successful in your day to day life. The power of positive thinking should not be ignored.