Learn To Stop Worrying About Everything

Almost everyone worries to some extent, but for some people it becomes a way of life. Fretting over everything, from your health to the risk of a terrorist attack, might be a sign that you are suffering from a mental health disorder such as anxiety. This pattern of thinking won’t just make you miserable, it can have a very damaging effect on your health too.
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How Does A Person Become A Worrier?

Worrying about everything can be a very ingrained habit, but the first step to getting better is realizing that life doesn’t have to be this way and that excessive worrying isn’t normal. However, it is also important to know that it isn’t your fault. Being a worrier can be a result of a number of things. There is a strong component of nature and nurture, so if you had parents who were anxious then you may learn to think in that way too. Life events such as parents divorcing or a serious health problem can also trigger negative thought patterns which are hard to shake off.

How To Stop Worrying

If you want to stop worrying about everything, you need to be aware that it is going to take time. There are going to be days when the negative thoughts take over, but the important thing is that the next day you implement the strategies outlined here rather than simply giving up. If you can stick with the principles below for a period of a month or more then you will find that your worries and anxiety diminishes greatly.

List Your Worries

First of all, keep a daily journal of your worries to see exactly what you are fretting over the most. Sometimes the act of committing the worries to paper is cathartic in itself, but it is also important for the next step, which is to separate your worries into productive and unproductive worries.

Productive worries are okay, as they are things you can do something practical about. For example, if you have upset a parent then you could call them now and apologize. That is likely to alleviate your worry immediately. Unproductive worries, on the other hand, are often unhelpful and unhealthy concerns which are beyond your control. For instance, if your friend’s employer has gone into liquidation then you may be worried about losing your job, even if your employing company is under no threat of closure.

Dealing With Unproductive Worries

Different strategies will help people to overcome their unproductive worrying. The first thing you may want to try is accepting that there is always going to be uncertainty in life, and that is not a bad thing. You may lose your job one day, but then again you may not. Realizing that uncertainty is a neutral rather than negative thing can put an end to some of the worry.

You may also want to try to recall worries you have had in the past. Think about what the actual outcome was of the worry. There is a good chance that the event you fretted about wasn’t as bad as anticipated or never even occurred.

Simply knowing what is at the root of your anxiety, and understanding that your worries are likely unfounded, is a step towards a worry free life.