How Relaxing Music Can Help You

While Eminem and Ozzy Osbourne certainly have earned their rightful place in music history, listening to them probably won’t do much to improve your life in the long run. Relaxing music, however, can help you in countless ways.

Lowering Your Stress Levels

When music begins to relax you, it takes your brain off overdrive and puts it into a recuperative mode. This is actual healing time. Neurologists have measured the brain frequency of subjects listening to the classics like Vivaldi and Mozart and discovered a sort of tune out and tune up going on. Lowering stress levels is better for your heart, breathing and metabolism, among many other things.

Pain Reduction

Medical studies have proven the relationship between a totally relaxed mind and less pain felt by the body. In fact, patients who listen to relaxing music regularly require less pain medication from their doctors. Even ordinary pain like an aching back can be helped when you put your feet up and turn on something quiet and relaxing. Try it in place of other more extreme measures next time something is hurting on you.

Finding Inspiration

It’s easy to lose the feeling of inspiration when you’re over-worked, too tired and totally overwhelmed by life. Find yourself a quiet place to listen to soothing music and then let the ideas simply come to you! Don’t intentionally think of anything in particular, just let your subconscious mind take over. Isaac Asimov was a huge proponent of “thoughtless thinking”–meaning when you stop trying to discover something, it comes to you every time.

Improving Digestion

Yes, relaxing music can help your body digest more efficiently! Most of us eat in a hurry, with little thought to how the process abuses our stomach. When you play relaxing music at dinner time, you tend to eat slower, chew more thoroughly and really enjoy the meal more. Not to mention the ambiance it can bring to the table.

Making You Even Smarter

The brain is a very complicated machine, with every environmental nuance having some sort of influence. Relaxing music can improve your study time, and since it opens the mind, you will remember more of what you read. Neural pathways open and spark with amazing efficiency, and your brain becomes a better place because of it.

Great music does great things for you, it’s a scientific fact! The next time you ache beyond belief, feel at a loss beyond words or are otherwise out of sorts, try tuning your mind into something spectacular. The results will be pleasantly surprising, and you will be hooked.